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Our Services

The estate team will organize, price and conduct sales for a percentage of the total sales.

The team will provide advertising in newspapers, online and where necessary via posters. Separate contracts are available if a cleanup service is needed. The chief benefit to the client to have a sale is that the service has the incentive to assure that the maximum amount of money is generated since the commission is dependent upon total receipts.

Clients additionally benefit from Estate Matters’ extensive knowledge of the market in order to establish reasonable values for the items to be sold.  Estate Matters constantly monitors price trends in trade publications and online data bases. As well, we access a network of dealers, collectors and auctioneers for current prices. The first consultation is free and without obligation.

Letting go of a lifetime of furnishings, collections and mementos can be emotionally and physically overwhelming. Our estate professionals have years of experience to help you deal with the process and give you peace of mind.